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At Rampo Speech & Hearing Clinic, our clinicians work with patients, parents, and families so that they have the best possible understanding of the patient’s communication difficulties. The active involvement of patients and their families in the treatment process is an essential part of therapy and increases the likelihood of successful patient outcomes. Through this collaborative effort, patients are able to improve specific communication skills according to their individual needs.


Our unique therapy model consists of developing customized treatment plans for our patients using a collaborative approach. Our team of highly motivated speech-language pathologists works together to plan and implement each patient’s therapy and monitor his/her progress. This team approach promotes a positive and collaborative environment, resulting in the most effective and efficient treatment outcome. We also collaborate with other providers such as physicians, occupational therapists, psychologists, and school speech pathologists who are involved in the care of our patients.


At Rampo Speech & Hearing Clinic we offer a unique program for speech-therapy patients. Our clinicians recommend two or more sessions a week for most programs offered.* With intensive therapy, patients demonstrate steady growth toward their individualized therapy goals. Our clinicians always strive to decrease the overall duration of therapy.


Our team of speech-language pathologists works diligently to implement therapy programs based on current research findings to meet each patient’s individual needs. Our clinicians provide high-quality care by considering patient/family values, consistently updating their procedures through research in communication disorders, and evaluating all steps in the treatment process with clinical judgment.

Continuing Education

Our clinicians maintain national certification through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and licensure in the state of Washington. The speech-language pathologists at Rampo Speech & Hearing Clinic participate in ongoing continuing education opportunities to remain current in the best diagnostic and treatment practices.


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