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Serving the patients coming from all over the country and the Delhi NCR Community for over 20 years, our Audiologists and speech-language pathologists focus on patient care that is evidence-based, comprehensive, outcome-dependent, and individualized. We help with hearing loss, ringing in the ears, balance issues, speech and difficulty with pronunciation, language development, stuttering, voice therapy, and more.

What is An Audiologist?

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about this professional who will be intimately involved in helping you come up with a solution that allows you to communicate more effectively.

What Credentials Do Audiologists Have?

An audiologist is a professional who specializes in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. All audiologists at Rampo Speech & Hearing Clinic have a Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D) from an accredited university, where they received extensive training in the prevention, identification, assessment and non-medical treatment of hearing and balance disorders.

They have to complete an internship, pass a national competency examination, and obtain professional certification and licensure in the state(s) where they practice.

Who Do Audiologists Work With?

Audiologists work with patients of all ages, treating infants, children, and adults for a variety of hearing and balance problems. They work in diverse settings like hospitals, schools, clinics, universities, private practices, VA hospitals, hearing aid dispensaries, and otolaryngology (ENT) offices. Audiologists are responsible for services such as:

  • Fitting and dispensing hearing aids
  • Administering hearing and balance tests
  • Assessing candidacy for and programming implantable hearing devices (e.g., cochlear implants, bone-anchored hearing aids, etc.)
  • Counseling patients and their families on communication strategies
  • Designing and implementing hearing conservation programs and newborn hearing screenings
  • Providing aural rehabilitation programs
  • Performing ear-related surgical monitoring


All in all, audiologists are the most qualified individuals to help you manage your hearing loss or balance disorder, and they provide an unparalleled breadth of care.

Call Rampo Speech and Hearing Clinic at 9123199893 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


What is Speech-Language Pathologist?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), commonly referred to as speech therapists, can evaluate a patient’s speech, language, cognitive, communication, and swallowing skills in order to diagnose a speech disorder.

The SLP will gather a history of the child’s health, family, development, and school performance before the evaluation. Depending on the age and attention span of the child, the evaluation may be completed in just one session, or it could span over several sessions. The length of the session depends on the SLP’s plan and the child’s cooperation.

The SLP will likely evaluate the following categories:

  • Understanding and use of different words
  • Correct use of words incorrectly formed sentences
  • Use of language for different purposes
  • Pronunciation of speech sounds
  • Physical ability to produce speech
  • Voice quality
  • Fluency or smooth flow of speech
  • Fine motor skills


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