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What Is The Early Language Intervention Program? 

The Early Language Intervention Program (ELIP) works with the child and parents to teach language facilitating strategies that can be applied not only at the clinic but at home. The program is based on the theory that children learn a language in their day to day interactions with people in their environments.

The ELIP program is offered two times per week for a six week period. The program provides practical training for parents to assume the primary role in their child’s language intervention. 

What Is A Language Delay?

A child’s communication is considered delayed when speech and/or language skills are noticeably behind his or her peers. There can be many reasons for a delay in speech and language, however, signs may include:

  • Delayed development of nonverbal communication – pointing and other gestures
  • Delayed use of words
  • Difficulty understanding what is said
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Immature/inappropriate grammatical form
  • Difficulty expressing ideas
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Incorrect use of words
  • Inappropriate social interaction

Who Is The Program Designed For?

The Program is designed for toddlers and preschoolers who have demonstrated a language delay and is also effective for parents who are looking for ways to interact with their child every day to help encourage their language development. 

Why Use ELIP?

Rampo Speech & Hearing Clinic recognizes the importance of parents and caregivers in their child’s language development. Children who have delayed language development need to receive intervention as early as possible to prevent possible long-lasting negative consequences (social, emotional, and educational). Therefore, it is important to train parents to use language facilitative strategies during daily play and routine activities to foster spontaneous interactions. 

Through training, parents learn skills they can use in their home environment to improve their child’s communication abilities.

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