PTA testing

We use Pure tone audiology  to determine a patient's hearing acuity. Specifically, this test determines the faintest tones a person hears at different pitches. In this way, it is more than simply confirm a hearing loss diagnosis. This test ensures the type of hearing loss and the severity of the patient's condition. Pure tone audiometry uses pure tones played at different pitches to determine hearing acuity. Sounds at different pitches are played at varying volumes. The hearing care professional determines when the individual can no longer hear the tone. With the result of this test, the hearing professional identifies the decibel when the person can no longer hear a particular frequency. Pure tone audiometry offers accurate results as well as information from each ear that allows hearing care professionals to recommend further testing or appropriate treatment. Most tests are completed in less than 30 minutes. Little equipment is needed to conduct this type of screening, so the cost of entry is quite low.

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PTA testing for Army in Dwarka

PTA testing for Pilot in Dwarka

PTA test in Dwarka

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