Early Language Intervention Program

Children grow and develop at their own rate. Although some children walk and talk early, others may be delayed in learning certain skills. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, the earlier you seek help, the better. Early intervention is for children ages birth to 3 and their families. Early intervention is available in every state under federal law. In some states, early intervention programs may continue until a child is age 5. After your child is referred to your local early intervention program, a service coordinator will meet with you and your child to gather information and explain the next steps. They will evaluate your child’s skills to see if your child and family are eligible for services. They will ask you for written consent before they begin. If your child is eligible for services, a more in-depth assessment (i.e., tests, observations, interviews) will be completed. This assessment determines how early intervention can help your child and family. Next, the early intervention team writes an Individualized Family Service Plan. This plan includes goals, services, and support for your child and family. You are part of the team, and you help decide what is included in the plan. Early intervention services must be in the language(s) your child and your family use. If necessary, an interpreter will work with you and the early intervention providers.

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