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Discourse language pathologists (SLPs) work to forestall, survey, analyze, and treat discourse, language, social correspondence, mental correspondence, and gulping issues in kids and grown-ups. Discourse issues happen when an individual experiences issues delivering discourse sounds accurately or fluidly (e.g., stammering is a type of disfluency) or dislikes their voice or reverberation. Language issues happen when an individual experiences difficulty figuring out others (responsive language), or sharing contemplations, thoughts, and sentiments (expressive language). Language problems might be spoken or composed and may include the structure (phonology, morphology, punctuation), content (semantics), as well as use (pragmatics) of language in utilitarian and socially fitting ways. Social correspondence problems happen when an individual experiences difficulty with the social utilization of verbal and nonverbal correspondence.

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  • Best Speech Therapist in Dwarka


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