Voice Disorder Treatment

Voice therapy or voice training is a series of techniques and procedures that work on several vocal parameters such as pitch, volume, and quality. Voice therapy treats a wide spectrum of speech and communication disorders. Usually, speech-language pathologists provide voice therapy. Generally, the main goal of voice therapy is to restore the patients’ voice to a level where they can get their daily voice or speech requirements fulfilled. Voice production is quite a complex process that involves many muscles, systems, and proper coordination among these systems. Sometimes, these muscles or systems get tighter, strained, and imbalanced. Either it can be an outcome of a voice problem or it can cause a voice problem. The system can become imbalanced for voice strain or due to a weak vocal fold or a vocal fold lesion after a cold. If one of your back muscles is pulled, other muscles may also get strained by trying to guard, protect or compensate for the muscle injury. Voice therapy is much like physical therapy. People suffering from vocal issues should work with a speech pathologist just like the way athletes work with their trainers after a physical injury.

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