Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a form of medical care that enhances your capacity for speaking and other linguistic functions. It enables you to communicate your ideas and comprehend what others are expressing to you. Additionally, it might enhance your memory and problem-solving abilities. With the help of a speech-language pathologist (SLP, also known as a speech therapist), you'll identify exercises and therapies that are tailored to your individual needs. Some persons require assistance in speaking and interacting. Others require speech therapy to improve their language processing and comprehension. Your healthcare professional will advise a few preliminary exams if they have reason to believe that you or your child has a speech disorder. These tests will assist in identifying the root cause of any communication problems. For instance, if your child has problems speaking, your doctor may recommend that your child get a hearing test from an audiologist. Your child may need to work with a speech-language pathologist if they pass the hearing exam.


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