Language Disorder Treatment

Most infants or toddlers can understand what you’re saying well before they can clearly talk. As they get older and their communication skills develop, most children learn how to put their feelings into words. Sometimes language disorders have a family history. In many cases, the cause is not known. It’s important to know that learning more than one language does not cause language disorders in children. But a child with a language disorder will have the same problems in all languages. Children with receptive language disorder have trouble understanding language. They have trouble grasping the meaning of words they hear and see. This includes people talking to them and words they read in books or on signs. It can cause problems with learning. It needs to be treated as early as possible. A child with an expressive language disorder has trouble using language. The child may be able to understand what other people say. But he or she has trouble when trying to talk, and often can’t express what he or she is feeling and thinking. The disorder can affect both written and spoken language. And children who use sign language can still have trouble expressing themselves.

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