Pediatrics Hearing Test

A method known as conditioned play audiometry (CPA) is often used to assess a child's hearing while they are between the ages of 30 months and 4 years. Your child will be required to participate in a basic game (such as throwing a toy into a bucket or placing a peg in a peg board) in order to respond to noises heard through headphones during this exam. Most kids like playing the games. The audiologist will work with your child to grasp the assignment if they are unable to comprehend the game at first. Before you leave that day's appointment, the audiologist will give you the test findings and any suggestions for additional care. There may be a recommendation for a newborn hearing test if your kid is younger than six months old. After completing the preceding tests, the audiologist will take you and your kid into a test booth if they are older than around six months. The audiologist will continue to test your child's hearing using one of the following activities, depending on your child's age. The audiologist may suggest further testing for your kid if the findings of the initial test cannot completely rule out hearing loss.


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