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By treating delays and problems in expressive/receptive language, articulation, oral motor dysfunction, apraxia of speech, social language, fluency (stuttering), feeding and swallowing, and cognitive skills, speech therapy approaches and activities aim to improve overall communication. Children of various ages can receive pediatric speech therapy from the Rampo Hearing & Speech Therapy Clinic. Before creating tailored therapy sessions based on each child's unique speech and language goals, our qualified speech-language pathologists, also known as speech therapists, work closely with your toddler or kid to assess their capacity to correctly speak and understand others. Children who have trouble communicating well can benefit greatly from speech therapy. Children can improve their ability to express themselves and understand language with the aid of a skilled speech therapist. Children who have trouble speaking correctly, understanding instructions, or expressing their opinions can benefit from speech therapy. It can also benefit those who struggle with writing and reading, as well as those who have trouble interacting with others in social situations.


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